How can I work with you?  I live far away?
Most of the coaching is done over the phone.  Clients call their coach at an agreed upon time, from wherever they are.

What can I expect get out of coaching?
Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it.  Your coach is there to support you, but the real work is up to you.

How long does someone need to work with a coach?
That really depends on the client and what their goals are.  Coach Jane has clients that have been with her for several years.  Why stop if the process works and their businesses keep flourishing?

How often do you talk to your coach?
We suggest weekly.  It keeps the momentum going and keeps you accountable.  Most clients have a set day and time that they talk to their coach.

What can you talk about with your coach?
Coaching is the client's agenda.  What is showing up in your life is a great place to start.

Does Coach Jane speak to organizations and groups?
Most definitely.  Coach Jane likes to have fun and share her message about living an awesome life.

Does the coach have to understand my business?
No, in fact it is usually better if your coach knows very little about your business.  You will get objective feedback and your coach will hold up the big picture for you.

How do I know if coaching is what I need?
Book a time with Coach Jane and explore the possibilities.  For coaching to reap rewards there has to be a good fit between the coach and the client.

How much does coaching cost?
We think of coaching as an investment.  Many entrepreneurs and small businesses have substantially increased their income as a direct result of coaching.  How much is it costing you to not have a coach?

Is coaching like therapy?
No - we are coaches not therapists.  Our work is much more action focused and client driven.  We have had clients who have benefited from working with both a therapist and a coach.

What qualifies Coach Jane to be a coach?
Coach Jane has trained with CTI (Coaches Training Institute) as a coach. She is also an experienced entrepreneur and has had many life experiences that have made her the wise and powerful coach she is today.

I am not sure if coaching is for me.  Can I try it?
Yes - in fact we encourage you to book a complimentary session with Coach Jane and see how coaching can benefit you.  Coaching is something you really have to experience.


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