What others are saying about Awesome Coaching!
"Awesome Coaching is a great tool to sharpen any business or business leader! 
Awesome Coaching sharpened our business!

"We would recommend Awesome Coaching to anyone
interested in reaching their highest goals.

"After just 4 sessions with you, Jane, I noticed tremendous change
in my life, but more importantly, a change in the way I thought."

"This program is excellent!  It gets you thinking about your life, your possibilities,
staying positive, going for it even when you are scared!  Thank you Jane.

Coaching is a means of igniting change in individuals and organizations. 

Coaching is
a highly effective new way to build excitement and momentum for any project or organization.  There are many reasons people come to coaching but the compelling reason they stay is coaching produces lasting results.

Coaching is a method of pulling out what the client wants and working with them for a period of time to get them through the peaks and valleys to where they want to be.

Awesome Results
Examples are as varied as the people coached:
  • The sales person who was terrified of public speaking who has since gone on and is now asked to speak to motivate others
  • The professional who doubled their sales in 6 weeks once they stopped being paralyzed by their fear of debt
  • For a new manager, role playing with their coach helped them to develop new skills and see situations that seemed overwhelming or hopeless before in a new light
  • The type "A" person, always on the go and very much overwhelmed and frustrated now feels peaceful and balanced
  • A client in the midst of changing their career path worked with their coach to identify values and priorities and chose an opportunity that fit their criteria.  They are now confident and successful in their new role
  • A client changed one area of their personal life, that they had been procrastinating about for some time, and their whole world changed.  They became a much happier and productive person and were promoted to a senior position in their company
  • For many it’s the accountability of knowing when they make a commitment to their coach to make 5 extra sales calls a day or to follow up with previous clients, etc., they will be expected to have it accomplished
  • A client who wanted to have more fun and not take life so seriously is now herself and laughs with her clients and the clients love it
  • Working in a group format, coaching helps teams to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a new light and work together toward a shared vision
  • A sales person learned how they were sabotaging their success because they felt uncomfortable with certain affluent clients.  They now seek out these clients

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